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Date: 17.11.2017 20:00

Venue: Kongresové centrum Praha

Contacts  www.balletonice.spb.ru


A dollmaker, Drosselmeier tells an old story about a beautiful Princess, a Nutcracker and a wicked Mouse King.



Shtalbaum’s house. Guests with their children are gathering to celebrate the Christmas holiday. Drosselmeier was invited too and has brought every child a present. Drosselmeier tries to give someone his favorite toy - a Nutcracker, but because it is so ugly, no one wants it. Only Clara feels sorry for the doll and accepts it as a gift. The evening wears on and the clock strikes midnight.

It is time for everyone to go home and for the children to go to bed. But after all have left, the magic of Drosselmeier causes the Christmas tree to grow larger and mice appear. They want to destroy all the toys, but the Nutcracker with his soldiers join in battle. Clara comes to their aid and the wicked mice are defeated. Suddenly the ugly Nutcracker turns into a handsome Prince and the little girl Clara turns into a beautiful Princess. The Prince leads her through snow-covered woods and into the Kingdom Confiturenburg.


Drosselmeier with his toys is preparing to greet Clara and the Prince. When they arrive, he gives Clara a magic wand to wave and start the celebration. Chocolate Dance (Spanish), Coffee Dance (Arabian), Tea Dance (Chinese), Clowns ( Russian Dance) and Pastorale (Sugar Candies) perform for the Prince and Princess. The Celebration comes to an end and the fairy-tale Kingdom Confiturenburg disappears. Clara is suddenly back as a little girl with her favorite toy, Nutcracker.

Join us to see a fairy tale on ice and have an unforgettable experience.

For ordering tickets for children under the age of 14 (including) please contact us at info@ticketlive.cz. Attach the child's ID to the email. The ticket price is 15 EUR.

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