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CIBULA FEST 2021  For sale

Dátum: 15. - 17. 07. 2021 Add to Google calendar

Venue: Letisko Holíč

Performers: Čechomor, Kollárovci, Mirai, Vašo Patejdl, Fleret

Contacts  www.cibulafest.eu


New date: 15. - 17. 7. 2021

The multi-genre cultural and music festival CIBULA FEST, which is already one of the largest festivals in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, is entering its XII. Year. In 2019, we changed the proportions of the festival area and composed the program with Czech - Slovak performers, which had an excellent output after the festival for all, in media and very positive reactions of visitors on social networks. This is the reason for the year 2020 to continue this proven concept of the area proportions and the subtitle CZECHOSLOVAK FESTIVAL.

On XII. year, again at the Holic airport from July 16 to July 18, 2020 you can expect the top of the Czech and Slovak music scene. The first batch of performers consists of the following groups: CECHOMOR, KOLLÁROVCI, MIRAI, FLERET, HELENINE OČI, SLNIEČKO and VAŠO PATEJDL with hits from Elán. Of course, this is not all, gradually we will add more from top of Czech-Slovak scene, so the next year will be again exceptional as the previous one.

VIP three days ticket - 99 EUR  

VIP ticket includes:

  • Free parking at the VIP gate,
  • Entry without waiting through the VIP gate,
  • NONSTOP maintained toilet,
  • Movement in the VIP zone with transition to the area next to the main stage,
  • In the VIP tent there will be alcoholic beverages, soft drinks / beer / kofola / coffee/
  • All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages will be charged at more favorable prices than on the festival area in comfort and without waiting for advice,
  • Refreshments in the form of buffet tables twice a day for FREE.  

We kindly ask our VIP ticket holders to RSVP min. 10 days before the festival at info@cibulafest.sk

Children up to 6 years of age accompanied by an adult have free entry admission.  

  • For children 6-12 years, there is a 50 % discount from the current price on the spot. (if requested, proof of the child's age must be provided - health card)  

Disabled person ticket on the spot:

  • One day ticket 25 €,
  • Three-day ticket 35 €,
  • On-site discount 50 % of the current price on-site, the guide pays the full amount,
  • Disabled with a wheelchair guide is entitled to a 50% discount on the current price on site,
  • Entry to the festival area is only allowed with a valid Disabled person card, which defines that a person needs to have a guide with him,
  • Entry is only allowed with the accompanying person, no separate entry for guides,
  • Tickets for disabled can not be purchased in advance, only on the spot.
 Artists: Čechomor, Kollárovci, Mirai, Helenine oči, Vašo Patejdl, Fleret (more performers will be added soon)

Available tickets

Regular (Trojdňová vstupenka)

1   Adult: [Regular]

VIP PASS (VIP trojdňová vstupenka)

1   V.I.P.: [VIP PASS]
1   V.I.P.: [VIP PASS]