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CHINASKI TOUR 2021 - Třebíč  For sale

Date: 27. 02. 2021 20:00 (open door 18:30) Add to Google calendar

Venue: Zimní stadion města Třebíče - KHNP Arena

Performers: Chinaski

Contacts  www.chinaski.cz  Facebook  Instagram


One of the most popular Czech bands Chinaski releases the 11th studio album and it´s going on tour across the country. It will be the only exclusive concerts for the new album in 2021. The expected recording was made for the first time in their new line-up and has the symbolic name 11. The album is automatically included in every purchased ticket! And Chinaski will not be alone, they invited a great Slovak band IMT Smile, which is associated with many years of friendship and several common songs, so you can look forward to enjoy three hours of the best music!

Meet & Greet:

  • Concert ticket (sitting on Tribune Meet&Greet)
  • Meeting with the band Chinaski for 20 minutes
  • Private mini concert before the main concert behind the scenes plus a gift from the band
  • Limited capacity for each concert of 20 pieces
  • Priority check-in

Chinaski confirms its position as one of the most successful Czech bands in 2021 on indoor tour, during which they will go to OstravaOlomoucBrno, TřebíčČeské BudějovicePardubiceJičínLiberec and Prague (18. 3. 2021 a 19. 3. 2021).

Although Chinaski will celebrate a quarter of a century since the first release of the first album. They have tried almost every studio and producer during their music career and we can tell that they have never worked like this before. „Most of the songs were created after the concert in the dressing room. We just play on the spanish guitars, from the pure joy of just being together. So it has a band and party spirit. I think it's our the strongest album and I'm very happy about it. With the new album it's time to visit the big halls and we will not be alone for that. We will perform with our friends, great Slovak band IMT Smile.“ says singer Michal Malátný.

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