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Frequently asked questions and answers

Can I receive an invoice for my order of tickets?
Of course, it's really easy. Create an order on our websites, choose payment by bank transfer and send us an email to in which you list the order number, as well as the information needed to establish the invoice. 
Do I have to print my tickets?
You don't have to, you can show your tickets on your mobile phone, or you can download digital ticket YourPass. Please think of others and have your tickets ready in time, so that there is no unnecessary queue at the entrance to the event.
Where can I buy tickets? Where can I pick up a reservation?
You can buy tickets online at our website or at one of our Salepoint. A list of all Salepoints can be found here. If you have booked tickets online, you can also pick them up at any Salepoint. You will only need the number of your order.
How can I pay for tickets?
There are several ways, how to pay for tickets. The easiest and fastest way is online payment by credit or debit card, thanks to which you will receive your tickets immediately by email. It is also possible to pay for the tickets by bank transfer, at the Salepoint, by Ticketlive voucher, by Twisto payment, by Benefity Plus, by Sodexo card, by BENEFITY a.s., or by Gallery Beta. 
Why can't I pay the tickets with my credit / debit card?
Please make sure in your online banking, that you have allowed online payments and that you have adequate limit for these payments. If all this is right, then you will pass the payment without any problems. However, if you are still struggling with the payment, you received a confimation of your order to email and in that email you can just click on the Order Status, where you can choose another payment method.
How does Twisto payment work?
With a Twisto account you can shop for a month until your limit is reached. Then you will be billed on the first day of the following month. You have 15 days to pay or you can postpone the payment. It is very simple and you don't have to wait for a payday to buy tickets.
Where can I get a Ticketlive voucher and what is it for?
You can purchase a Ticketlive voucher on our web and use it up to one year after purchase for any event on our TicketLIVE portal.
Do you have discounts for kids or discounts for students?
Unless there is something different in description of an event, no discounts for children or students are provided. Please note that each visitor to the event must have his own ticket.
Where can I buy PDP/P tickets?
Informations about PDP/P tickets you can get on an e-mail, where you will be informed about the price of these tickets. For purchase it's necessary to send us (two-sided scan) valid PDP/P pass.
What things can't I take with me to a concert / festival?
You should always take only the essentials, to avoid queues and unnecessary problems at the entrance. It's not allowed to bring refreshments, umbrellas, chairs / stools, animals, knives or other weapons and narcotic substances to the concert or festival. These rules are set out by the organizer and therefore it's always better to visit the website of the event.