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Festiwall 2022  It took place

Date: 09. - 11. 09. 2022 10:00 Add to Google calendar

Venue: Areál Praha


Festiwall is the largest Czech fair for music and musical instruments. Which offers its visitors a varied program full of concerts, workshops, exhibitions and seminars. Simply everything that every active musician dreams of, in one place.

The Festiwall project, which is behind, has been a successful part of the Czech music scene since 2016. During that time, it has presented the music community with dozens of concerts and workshops as well as hundreds of unique musical instruments. From the beginning, it has been a place where Czech and foreign artists meet and where new and original musical experiences are created.


Program below:


  • Music fair 1500 m2
  • Concert - Thea & Coming Out
  • Workshop - Dj Ondrash: Scratching & gramce
  • Showcasing - Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit, AmpMan, StompMan, HK Audio Sonar, Gewa - DW Drums, Dunlop & Shure and more...
  • Scratching showcase – Dj Lu2
  • Frontman Live: The alphabet of a professional approach to music, guarantor: Frontman
  • Frontman Live: Musicians and the state, is it flashing to better times? guarantor: SAI
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  • Music fair 1500 m2
  • On-Air Live – Popular program of music columnist Pavel Kučera. First time with three guests at once.
  • Concerts - Panzerballet feat. Virgil Donati (DEU/AUS), Lari Basilio (BRA), Yasi Hoffer (DEU) and more...
  • Workshops - Virgil Donati (AUS), Beata Hlavenková and others...
  • Presentation - Hughes & Kettner Black Spirit, Hammond keyboards, TM Sound, Leslie and more…
  • SoundCzech Live: Guide to European music conferences
  • Frontman Live: Musicians and trauma, music as therapy for its creators
  • Frontman Live: BGD (Baritone Guitar Dreams), lecturer Hynek "Dr.Hyenik" Stančík
  • and more
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  • Music fair 1500 m2
  • Concerts - Tribute to Radim Hladík, The Matadors, Blue Effect, Nová Syntéza, Cardinal Black (GBR), Kumšt live, Megaton Stars Band, Miloš Meier - Drumming syndrome and others...
  • Workshops – Chris Buck (GBR), Michal Pavlíček, Petr Ostrouchov & Lukáš Chromek, Martin Vajgl, Megaton on music design, Matěj Ptaszek and others...
  • Frontman live: The alphabet of home studio recording
  • Frontman Live: How to build a loyal community of fans in the online world?
  • Frontman Live: Making music in 2022: making a living or making a living?
  • and more
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