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Pohoda Festival 2024  For sale

Date: 11. - 13. 07. 2024 Add to Google calendar

Venue: Letisko Trenčín

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Pohoda is a music and arts festival with an international acclaim, where alternative, indie, electronica, world music & punk meet classical; alongside literature, dance, visual art, film and theatre.

The festival has been the largest Slovak festival since 2000. It takes place at the beginning of July at the airport in Trenčín.

Available tickets

3-Day Ticket 2023 3 day entry to the festival & camping included in the price.

1   Adult: [Regular]

JUNIOR Ticket Ticket for visitor at the age of 15 - 17 years of age (incl.).

1   Junior: [Regular]

KIDS Ticket 2023 Ticket for kids from 6 to 14 (including) years of age.

1   Kids: [Regular]

BABY Ticket Ticket for kids from 3 to 5 (including) years of age.

1   Baby: [Regular]

PwD Ticket Ticket for people with disabilities.

1   PwD ticket: [Regular]

PwD-C Ticket Ticket for people with disabilities and their personal care.

1   PwD-C: [Regular]

Parking P1 Closest parking to festival site, 100 - 250m from the entrance.

1   Parking: [Regular]

Parking P2 Second closest parking to festival site, 250 - 400m from the entrance.

1   Parking: [Regular]

Parking P3 Mid-distance parking from the festival site, 400 - 550m from the entrance.

1   Parking: [Regular]

Parking P4

1   Parking: [Regular]

Parking P5 Parking in farther sector from the festival site, 600 - 700m from the entrance.

1   Parking: [Regular]

Parking Moto Parking in front of the festival entrance.

1   Parking: [Regular]

Karavan Parking 2

1   Parking: [Regular]

PwD ticket